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Material growth


The Nano-Rennes platform is equipped with a set of equipment dedicated to the growth of III-V and / or silicon materials.
It has a strong experience in the growth of materials on InP substrates, as well as the low temperature growth (<200 ° C) of Si-based compounds.

It benefits from a know-how in growth of :

  • Materials of the InP technology : InP, InAs, InGaAs, InAlAs, InAsP, In1-xGaxAsyP1-y (1,18µm <l<1,6µm) sur InP(100) et InP(311)B, InGaAlAs, GaAsSb, AlAsSb. BQ InAs sur InP(311)B, Qdash InAs sur InP(100) (1,5µm<l<1,8µm)
  • Materials of the GaAs technology : GaAs, AlAs, InGaAs, AlGaAs
  • Materials of the GaPtechnology : GaP, AlP, GaAsP, GaAlP
  • Materials of the Si technology : Si


►Description of growth equipment



Cluster Si III-V


GS-MBE (gas state molecular beam epitaxy) : RIBER32 (FOTON-INSA)

  • Elements III (solids) : In1, In2, Ga1, Ga2, Si, Be
  • Elements V (gas) : PH3, AsH3,

Dping Si, Be, C (CBr4 gas cell)

Specificities :

  • Wafers 2 inches          
  • Ultra-void (10-10 mbar)               

Riber Compact 21


SS-MBE (solid state molecular beam epitaxy) : RIBER (FOTON-INSA) COMPACT21

  • Elements III (solids) : In1, In2, Ga1, Ga2, Al doping (Si, Be)
  • Elements V (cracker) : P4, As4, Sb4, N2 (plasma cell)

Specificities :

  • Wafers 2 inches
  • Ultra-void (10-10 mbar)          
  • RHEED (20keV)
  • In-sity transfert to the UHV-LPCVD frame



UHV-LPCVD (ultra high vaccum-low pressure chemical vapor deposition) : RIBER (FOTON-INSA)

  • Elements : SiH4, AsH3, B2H6

Specificities :

  • Rheed (30keV)
  • Wafers 2 inches
  • Ultra-void (10-10 mbar)
  • In-situ UHV transfert to the SSMBE frame


4 LPCVD (low pressure chemical vapor deposition) : AET (IETR-GM)

  •  Elements : SiH4, GeH4, PH3, AsH3, B2H6, He, N2

Specificities : 

  • Wafers 2 inches max
  • Low and high temperature growth
  • Secondary void (10-6 mbar)

APCVD (atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition) : TEMPRESS (IETR-GM)

  • Elements : SiH4, O2, N2

Specificities :

  • Wafers 2 inches max     
  • Low temperature growth of SiO2 (<200 °C)
  • Primary void (10-3 mbar)

►Examples of achievements

Layer of GaP / substrate Si (MBE)
Nanowires of Si (APCVD)


Images AFM de fils quantiques InAs/InP (MBE)
AFM images of quantum wires InAs/InP (MBE)
Image AFM de boites quantiques InAs/InP (MBE)
AFM picture of quantum boxes InAs/InP (MBE)


Image X-STM de boites quantiques InAs/InP
X-STM picture of quantum boxes InAs/InP