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Training courses

►Objective and course functioning

The Nanorennes platform welcomes more than 300 trainees each year, whether they are students, doctoral students or confirmed researchers.

The training aims to address the basic principles of realization of devices associated with the fields of microelectronics and / or nanophotonics, and this by immersion in a clean room for the realization and characterization of these components.

Supervision is provided either by the qualified staff of the platform or by the teachers (previously trained) from the requesting universities in the case where the universities have included these courses in the curriculum of the students.



►The different training offers

The platform offers a set of training courses in the fields of microelectronics, photonics, microsystems and sensors.


TPEntitledDuration (days)Number of masking levelsTechnologies
TP n°1Realization of multimode quantum well laser diodes for telecoms and characterizations2.51Photolithography (<0), cathodic sputtering, cleavage. Electro-optical characterization
TP n°2Realization of single-mode quantum-well laser diodes for telecoms and characterizations32Photolithography (> 0 and <0), PECVD, RIE, cathodic sputtering, cleavage. Electro-optical characterization
TP n°3Realization of MOS Silicon transistors and characterizations2.54Photolithography (> 0), oxidation (wet, dry), diffusion doping, wet etching, Joule evaporator. Electrical characterization
TP n°4Realization of silicon photodiode and characterizations22Photolithography (> 0), oxidation (wet, dry), diffusion doping, wet etching, Joule evaporator. Electrical characterization.
TP n°5Realization of biological sensors in MEMs technology2.5Photolithography (> 0), oxidation (wet, dry), diffusion doping, wet etching, Joule evaporator. Electrical characterization


Training fees include course materials and consumables (clean room suit, gloves, substrate (Si or III-V), etc …).

The prices indicated below concern a price per student and according to the type of management (own trainer or trainer from the platform).

TPPrice / student without trainer (€)Price / student with trainer (€)
TP n°12201000
TP n°24001200
TP n°3
TP n°4
TP n°5


The beneficiaries of the courses offered by Nano-Rennes in an academic setting are listed in the table below.

RennesUniversité Rennes 1License et Master 1 EAA
License GEII (license pro mécatronique)
Master 2 prof CMM (composants Microélectroniques et Microsystèmes)
Master 2 prof SEO (systèmes électroniques et optoélectroniques)
INSA RennesIngénieur SGM (Science et Génie des Matériaux)
Ingénieur SRC (Systèmes et Réseaux de communication)
Master 2 recherche PHOT-IN (Physique et Photonique)
CaenENSIIngénieur Microélectronique
Ingénieur Matériaux, Micromécanique et Microélectronique
NantesUniversité de NantesMaster 1 EEA
Master 2 prof Conception, mise en oeuvre et qualité des composants électroniques et optoélectroniques
Ecole Polytechnique universitaireIngénieur Sciences des matériaux
AngersESEOIngénieur Microélectronique
LorientUniversité de Bretagne SudMaster 2 recherche MARS (Microtechnologies, architecture, réseaux et systèmes de communications)
BordeauxUniversité de Bordeaux 1License pro Gestion de production
BrestUniversité de Bretagne SudMaster 2 prof Electronique et systèmes communicants