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►Know how


The Nano-Rennes platform can etch a whole range of materials either by wet and/or dry etching. Dry etching are made in dedicated reactive ion etching reactors (RIE). Wet etching are performed under dedicated chemical hood.
The platform has know-how in processing the following materials:


  • Si-based materials (Si, Si3N4, SiO2, Ge, SiGe, …)
  • InP-based materials (InAs, InGaAs, InAlAs, InGaAsP, InAlGaAs)
  • Polymers (photoresist, BCB, …) and metals (In, Au, Ti, Ge, …)


►Etching facilities


Dry etching





RIE Microsys 400 Roth&Rau (IETR-GM)
Gas : SF6, O2
Dedicated to Si-based materials




  • 3″ wafers max size          
  • secondary vacuum (10-5 mbar)
  • interferometry controlled etching depth





RIE Alcatel 300 (FOTON-INSA)
Gas : CH4, H2, Ar, O2
Dedicated to InP-based materials


  • 2″ inch wafers
  • secondary vacuum (10-7 mbar) 
  • interformetry controlled etching depth





RIE Plassys MG100 (FOTON-INSA)
Gaz : SF6, O2
Dedicated to polymers and passivation films


Features :

  • 2″ wafers       
  • Secondary vacuum(10-6 mbar)
  • Inerferometry controlled etching depth





Gas : O2, SF6


Features : 

  • 2 and 3″ wafers
  • Secondary vacuum (10-7 mbar)      
  • Interferometry controlled etching depth




Plasma cleaner Plasmafab ETA Electrotech (FOTON-INSA)
Gas : O2
Cleaning of remaining resists


Features :

  • primary vacuum (10-3 mbar)



Wet etching





Chemical hood (FOTON-INSA et IETR-GM)





Chemical stock cabinet (FOTON-INSA et IETR-GM)



►Etching examples



Gravure ruban InP (RIE)
Gravure ruban InP (RIE) Etching of InP strip (RIE)



Gravure mésa Si (RIE)


Gravure mésa Si (RIE) Etching of Si mesa (RIE)



Gravure DBR Si/SiN (RIE)


Gravure DBR Si/SiN (RIE) Si/SiN DBR etching (RIE)



Profil interférométrique RIE VCSEL InP


Profil interférométrique RIE VCSEL InP
RIE-interferometry profile of InP-based VCSELs



Gravure RIE


Gravure RIE
Si reactive ion etching



Liberation membrane (gravure humide)


Liberation membrane (gravure humide) Membrane release by wet etching



Gravure DRIE (300µm)


Gravure DRIE (300µm) DRIE etching (300µm)