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Thin film deposition


The Nano-Rennes platform is equipped with a set of equipment dedicated to the deposition of thin, metallic and dielectric layers.


  • Ohmic contacts (n and p) (generic for InP, Si and GaP)
  • Electrical passivation
  • Sacrificial or masking layer (RIE)
  • Low temperature technology.

►Description of deposit equipment

Metal deposit

3 Joules evaporators (FOTON-INSA, GM-IETR)
Plassys :  Al
Edwards : Au et Cr
Leybold : Au, In, AuZn.

Specificities :

  • Deposit on one (4) 2 inch plates  
  • Secondary vacuum (10-5 mbar)
Leybold sprayer
EBD of the IETR

3 electrons gun evaporators (FOTON-INSA, IETR-GM)
Temescal : Au, Ti, Pt, Ge, Ni (10 plates 2 inches , ..)
2 Alliance concept : Al, Cr, Au, Pt, Ti, Ni, W, Ge, Cu, … (< 4 inches, lift-off process)


Specificities :

  • 2 inches plates
  • Thickness control
  • Secondary vacuum (10-7 mbar)

2 RF cathodic sprays (FOTON-INSA and IETR-GM)
Plasmionic : Al, Pt, Cr   
Leybold : Ti, Au, AuGe


Specificities :

  • 2 inches plates
  • Secondary vacuum (10-7 mbar)

RENA electro-deposition system (IETR-GM)   
Material : Cu


Specificities :

  • 2 inches plates               
  • From a few nm to >100 nm


4 LPCVD reactors ( IETR-GM)
Poly-Si N & P, SiNx, nanowires.

Specificities :

  • 2-3 inches      
  • Secondary vacuum (10-7 mbar)

APCVD (High pression vapor despotion) : TEMPRESS (IETR-GM)

  • Elements : SiH4, O2, N2 (T<200 °C)

3 PECVD home made reactors (Si (doped PH3, AsH3), SiO2, SiN low temperature)

PECVD Corial :

  • aSi, SiO2, Si3N4 (300°C)
  • Interferometric control


  • aSi , SiO2, Si3N4 (50-200°C), doping PH3, AsH3
  • Interferometric control
Ranex pulve
Alcatel pulve

3 RF cathode sprayers

  • Leybold (aSi, aSiN)
  • Alcatel (aSi, ZnS, Ge, special alloys)
  • Ranex (AlN)

Deposit in liquid form



1 ink jet printer ( IETR-GM)
Ceraprinter X-series:
Materials: conductive inks (Silver, PEDOT-PSS…)
Dielectric inks (polymer)
In-house developed inks…


Specificities :

  • Maximum substract size: A4 (21*29.7cm)
  • Multi-materials (head of 256 nozzles or 16 nozzles)

Organic deposit

Boîte à gants



1 multi-crucible heat exchanger in gloves box  (IETR-GM)

In-house developed reactor



Specificities :

  • 2 inches
  • Secondary vacuum (10-7 mbar)

►Examples of achievements

PECVD deposit with several thicknessess
Dépôt contacts par lift-off pour VCSEL
Deposit contacts by lift-off for VCSEL
Pistes d'argent imprimées sur papier
Silver tracks printed on paper
Report de VCSEL (DBR diélectrique et ZA MBE) par collage métallique AuIn2
VCSEL report (dielectric DBR and ZA MBE) by AuIn2 metal bonding