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Back-end technologies


The Nano-Rennes platform is equipped with tools to ensure the formatting of devices, or their micro-wiring.


►Description of packaging equipment

Mechanical polishing Buehler  (FOTON-INSA)

  • Thinning of any type of substrate (Si, GaAs, InP, …) according to the abrasive used
  • Susbtract 2 inches max
  • Thinning with a resolution of 10 μm
  • Measurement of the removed thickness

Karl Suss chip Cleaver  (FOTON-INSA)

  • Starters of cleaving by diamond dots
  • Max dimension of 2 inch plates
  • Accuracy on displacement of 10 μm
  • Adjustable applied force


Micro cable-making (Wedge bonding) Kulicke and Soffa 4123 (FOTON-INSA)

  • Ultrasonic welding of gold or aluminum wire on metal pad
  • Au and Al wires 25 μm in diameter
  • Heating support (100-400°C)
  • Manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Binocular

►Examples of achievements

Bonding fils Au sur circuit
Bonding Au wires on circuit
Laser bars cleavage

Direct component report or CMS


Micro-wiring of components


CMP chemico mechanical polishing