Nanorennes equiments are gathered within two cleanrooms and separate rooms.




250 m² of cleanrooms, in a 10 000 class environment (100 for lithography) :

    ► 130 m² of cleanroom with facilities for III-V based nanophotonic (FOTON-OHM) (plan de la SB)

    ► 150 m² of cleanroom with facilities for Si based nano-microelectroncis (IETR-GM) (IETR clean Room)


III-V cleanroom
salle blanche IETR

                            Si dedicated clean room of IETR with also polymer area for microfluidic patterning.


More than 500 m² dedicated to :

    ► material growth (1 GS-MBE III-V, 1 SS-MBE III-V UHV coupled to an UHV-LPCVD Si). IETR could provide 4 LPCVD Si and 

    4PECVD dedicated to Si deposition at low T°C as sputt RF and organic joule evaporator,

    linked with glove boxes (plan of thin film deposition area). 

salle grise IETR

Thin Film deposition area, with LPCVD PECVD Sputt an organic evaporation in glove box

    ► structural characterizations (2 AFMs, 1 DDX, SEM)

    ► electrical characterizations facilities (Hall measurements, I(V) and C(V) prober stations *3)

    ► optical characterizations facilities (photoluminescence, absorption, pump-probe)