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Nanorennes  was created in 2001 as a regional micro-technological platform, labelled by french national center of research and science (CNRS). This platform gathers on the same institute  the know-how and human beings dedicated to the fabrication of nano-micrometer sized devices, related to two research laboratories located in Rennes :  IETR-GM (microelectronic group) et FOTON-OHM (photonic group).
In addition to the CNRS national french network constituted of 6 technological platforms (RTB), Nanorennes belongs to a sub-network, constituted of 9 regional CNRS technological platforms.

In this context, Nanorennes (regional platform) and IEMN (RTB platform) are referenced as technological centers within the C'nano grand nord ouest . Its missions consist in affording a support in nano-micro fabrication, for regional (even national) academic laboratories and industrials. Nanorennes can thus support any kind of service requests, regarding its own area of expertise and competences.

CNRScartographie plateformes C Nano Nord ouest
National map repesenting the RTB (yellow dots) adn regional platforms (red dots).


    ►Areas of expertise
Nanorennes areas of expertise cover mainly nano-micrometer sized technologies for the fabrication of devices in microelectronic, optoelectronic, as well as chemical and bio physics. The main originality of the platform is to gather on the same site, important know-how in the growth and processing of silicon and III-V compound (mainly InP and GaP).
Nanorennes benefits of a great experience in :
            - sensors fabrications (MEMs, bio-chemical sensors)
            - quantum nanostructures gowth (quantum wels, wires, dots)
            - low temperature growth and processing of silicon based devices (TFTs, sensors on flexible subtrates)
            - photonic technologies (edge emitting lasers, VCSELs, solar cells)
            - heterogeneous and homogeneous integration of optoelectronic and microelectronic (III-V growth on Si, bonding on Si)