►Material growth facilities

III-V and Si compounds growth systems are availables within the Nanorennes platform. More precisely, Nanorennes has a great experience in InP epitaxial growth (from bulk down to nanostructures), and Si growth :

         InP : InP, InGaAs, InAlAs, GaAsSb, AlAsSb, InGaAsP (1.18 µm<lg<1.6 µm), InGaAlAs
         GaP : GaP, AlP, GaAsP, GaAlP
         Si : Si (monocrystalline and polycristalline Si at low growth temperature)

­    ►Growth facilities
GS-MBE GS-MBE (Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy) : RIBER32 (FOTON-INSA) 
    ►  III elements (solids) : In1, In2, Ga1, Ga2, and dopants (Si and Be)
    ►  V elements (gas) : PH3, AsH3

Specifics: - 2 inches wafer
               -  UHV(10-10 mbar)
               - RHEED
SS-MBE SS-MBE (Solid Sources Molecular Beam Epitaxy) : RIBER (FOTON-INSA) COMPACT21
    ►  III elements (solides) : In1, In2, Ga1, Ga2, Al and dopants (Si, Be)
    ►  V elements (solids) : P4, As4, Sb4 and N2 (plasma source)

Specifics: - 4 inches wafers 
              - UHV 10-10 mbar)
               - RHEED
UHV-LPCVD UHV-LPCVD (Ultra High Vaccum and Low Pressure Chemical Vapor deposition) : RIBER (FOTON-INSA)   
     Elements : SiH4, AsH3, H2

Specifics : - 4 inches wafers
                 - UHV (10-10 mbar)
                - High pressure RHEED system
                - UHV connection with SSMBE
LPCVD 4 LPCVD (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition) : AET (IETR-GM)
    ► Elements : SiH4, GeH4, PH3, AsH3, B2H6, He, N2

Specifics : - 3 inches wafers (5 wafers at a time)
                - low and high growth temperature
                - low vaccum (10-6 mbar)
APCVD (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition) : TEMPRESS (IETR-GM)
    ► Elements : SiH4, O2, N2

Specifics : - 2 inches wafers
               - low growth temperature SiO2 (<200 °C)

    ►Exemples de réalisations
rheed X-STM Nano fils Si QDH high density QDs DBR AlGaAsSb/InP GaP sur 2 pouces Si
RHEED (MBE)X-STM image of InAs/InP quantum dots  Si nanowires (APCVD)AFM image of InAs/InP quantum wires (MBE) AFM image of InAs/InP quantum dots (MBE) AlGaAsSb/InP DBR (MBE)GaP layer grown on Si (MBE)